A new and refreshing way to train your staff.

If you want to give your staff all the IT Applications and Soft Skills your business needs to compete in today’s digital world but can’t afford either the time or the cost then this is for you…

875 '3 minute' training modules available
32,000+ Workers trained in 2022
£7,434 Typical first year saving compared to traditional training courses (not including travel cost)

It's training - but better...

In most businesses, the two big problems when it comes to training staff are time and money.

Your people are ‘off-the-job’ while they’re doing it – often for a whole day. most of ’em forget half of what they’re taught and it costs a fortune. 

What if there was a better way?

A way to become highly skilled without having to take time away from their desk? A way to reinforce the learning so it’s never forgotten. And a way to train EVERYBODY for just pennies per person.

That’s what ORMWIC does.

Bite size training modules, available on all your peoples desktops, so they can learn the skills they need three minutes at a time… it’s structured and organised so the right staff learn the right skills.

How it works

Unlock the potential of your team by training them with our comprehensive video library! Short, agile videos mean you can get everyone up to speed in no time at all.

It’s a ‘win win’ your staff feel invested in and valued, your business efficiency soars and your customers love you even more.

Here’s how easy it is to get started.

Step one

The ORMWIC icon is put on the desktop of every computer in your business;

Step two

Staff get their own log-ins so with one click they can access the exact training they need at the exact time they need it. (They can even go back and re-visit/ re-learn whenever they want to).

Step three

There are over 875 modules all less than three minutes in length but which collectively equip your team with all the skills they need…

Step four

A single annual fee of £1,000 will give unlimited access for 12 months to all our courses for up to 100 people.

The Training

875 Bite Sized training videos

Everything you need put together in Teams

Learn how to work Smarter not Harder

Not just email, see how Outlook can help you

Learn how to build powerful presentations

Create really impressive documents

All about Microsoft 365 Web Apps

Store, share, organise & access information

Learn how to benefit from Windows

Learn how to get the very best from Gmail

A brilliant library of Tips, Tricks & Hacks

Learn how to keep to safe online

More Tips, Tricks & Hacks

Just how well do you manage your time?

Never before has this been so important

See how you can be a beneficiary

Tools to help you work best when you're home

Are you really looking after your Customers?

How to become a good Leader and Manager

If this is what you do... Become the best!

We all want the best... Learn How!




Up to 100 Staff

(i.e 98.9% of business in the UK)

For unlimited access for all staff


ORMWIC's refreshingly straightforward approach to pricing:

We’re on a mission to upskill Britain’s workforce and we don’t want cost to get in the way – hence our refreshingly simple approach. Only businesses with more than 100 people need a bespoke quotation.

Book a demo – and see for yourself why businesses in all Sectors are turning to ORMWIC.

“It sounds too good to be true…” – we understand why you might say that but it really isn’t. Promise! And when you book your 1:1 demo you’ll see for yourself just how good this training is and why Managers and HR teams across the country are using it to better skill their workforces…